Making spores drop a plenty since 20 fucking 20 🍄🖤 Alchemist, psychedelic sorcerer and psily scientist 🧬 Stay humble above all else 🙏💯 🧫 RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY🔬 ☮ Eugene, Oregon ☮

At High Desert Spores we offer top quality mushroom spores, cultures, and supplies. You can also purchase accessories like sterilized grain jars, containers, pasteurized substrates, agar powder, agar plates, spore prints and syringes, and more. We source only the finest mushroom products and supplies. Our inventory is always expanding in an ongoing effort to better service our loyal customers. Mushrooms have been featured in Chinese medicine for centuries, including gourmet mushrooms which have medicinal properties as well. Our Social pages:

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I love mushrooms ❤️ Self Taught Mycologist I’m the girl your brother loves and your sister hates 😝😘😂😅

Traditional Plant + Fungal Wisdom

You may know me as SKL.666, APESHITSEAN, or ThermoHelix. This is mainly a personal grow page, hopefully we can continue to grow, and learn together safely on this platform 😁🙏✌

Creators of the prehistoric, pasteurized growing medium - DinoSoil 🐢 Use code “MINDS” on Etsy or our Website for 10% off! Check out our website or Etsy shop for substrates, our Tortoise Rescue and more✌🏼 🚫 NOTHING FOR SALE 🚫 All photos are results using DinoSoil Substrate 😎

Hey all. Bare with me while I update this. Just incase ig wants to give us the boot this will be the back up. We’ll be offering potency testing for the two major alkaloids of our favorite mushrooms, and in October we’ll be including five minor alkaloids

Jul 2021
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