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The aim of 'goomies' is to bring together individuals with an interest in psychedelics to share ideas, art and information about various aspects of the experience. Although originally started on Instagram, I felt that it was only right to move the lab wing to a less restrictive platform. Mush love everyone 🍄💙
Writer, comedian, gamer, and crass big mouth. Love me or hate me, I'll appreciate both. Follow me if you want unapologetic takes on how fucked (yet funny) things are in the world today. Gonna talk lots of shit about lots of shit here, so don't be shy, nothing is off the table. Join the party...even if you're a douche bag! Don't worry, I'll let ya know...
News and memes to fight the Technocratic Satanic state Faith - Culture - Freedom
factory peon. hobbyist programmer(c++). enjoy math science philosophy and have a passing interest in art.
Crypto, NFTs, Mycology, Exotic Cannabis Cultivator & Connoisseur IG: ⛽️: @XipLockrZ 🍄: @StreetPhFarms Twitter: @Decentraworld
Sci Fi stories, pseudo-psychedelics, chaos acts, guns, weed and crypto cash. I write books: Gaze: The Mountains of Durne (The Onterra Archives Book 3)
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Mycologist who specializes in psilocybin mushrooms while also actively practices cultivation of cannabis. provides interesting content, facts and topics around Cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. memeoligist on the side! *** No items for sale here, just content*** ----- Follow me -----
Sep 2021
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