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馃嚨馃嚤 NSFW person. Supposedly INFP-T, Home-grown explicit content creator, aspiring underground comic artist & bikini armor enthusiast. I can post SFW content some day, so please feel warned.

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Daydreams for the fellas This page hosts adult content. I also re-mind content created by others not intended for minor viewing. If you are under age 18, please find something worthwhile to do with your time: exercise, read self-help books, study. Be alpha!! This content is not for you. I have been dabbling in various forms of erotica for a long time. It started with drawing lewds, then I started to try to tell the stories that I felt I would have liked to illustrate. On my interests: 鉂 flat chests 鉂 men 鉁 Women 鉁 Big boobs 鉁 Cummies 鉁 Impregnation 鉁 Girl on girl 鉁 Girls with oversized sex toys 鉁 Cum inflation 鉂 Stories which vilify men 馃搲 Stories which glorify promiscuity 馃搲 Tentacles 馃搱 Free speech There is a lot out there, but this smut is mine. Really, it is. All stories here are copyrighted by me. All rights reserved. Feel free to re-mind (it is very much welcomed) but if you decide to copy-paste elsewhere please provide attribution. Disclaimers: You never know what you鈥檙e gonna get. You will probably see a typo here and there. #dealwithit Please review the hashtags to see if the story is right for you. Some kinks may not be your thing. If the story is based on real events, the names and places have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. Thank you for visiting. I sometimes use this account to explore fashy content. Sorry if I鈥檓 a degenerate. I鈥檒l change someday. 鈥斺斺斺斺 #erotica #adult #literotica #sex #eroticstories

馃懇鈥嶐煄煈┾嶐煍煈┾嶐煆煈┾嶐煃仇煆嬶笍鈥嶁檧锔忦煠尖嶁檧锔忦煡 l Artist, but only mildly tortured l BJJ l 22 l All paintings for sale l

Digital(NSFW) artist, Voice Actress, Perverted Writer, Health Study Connoisseur, your succubi mother, and a Doom chaser.

Don't just lurk 馃憖 Be social 馃 I'm a simple person and I appreciate simple things 馃崝馃帲馃毚鈥嶁檧锔忦煡攫煆栵笍馃た I value love and interpersonal relationships above all else. I'm not right or left 馃檯 I just want everyone to be free and happy 馃槞 Live and let live. I'm very interested in the DeFi movement and I know that crypto, NFT's and the digitization of everything is indeed the future of human society. - Free Spirit - Seeker - Gamer 馃幃 Like my stuff? Wire me a token 馃檹 Notice 鈿狅笍: I do not automatically reciprocate a sub.

Free Minds about Sex Doll, RealDoll, Life-Sized DollWhat about Sex Dolls?... AI Robot will come into our lives and sex robots will be the most bought. The companies that create these robots will become the richest companies in the world.

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Adult content and offensive jokes 18 + Only. Message me for art prices.

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