Brovets with shitty credit. Illiterally literate. Future Farmers of Absurdistan.

ALTERNATE CURRENT RADIO - has arrived at Minds.com - Looking for a safe haven away from the Soros and Zuckerberg controlled feeds where all our hard work is algorithm'd out of existence. We are a grass roots media organization that runs a 24/7 radio network out of our Texas studio. We produce live and recorded radio shows including Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen, Boiler Room with Hesher, Spore, Jay Dyer, Daniel Spaulding, Fvnk Soul, Infidel Pharaoh, Randy J, Jamie Hanshaw and a host of other guests. Find us on the web at: www.alternatecurrentradio.com Find our Spreaker channel at: https://www.spreaker.com/user/acrnetwork Visit our broadcast partners, www.jaysanalysis.com www.ukcolumn.com www.21stcenturywire.com

Journalist at The Post Millennial. Offering a Left-Libertarian perspective on topics such as Politics, Economics, and Free Speech.

Brovets with shitty credit. Illiterally literate. Future Farmers of Absurdistan.

Daryl Davis
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Race Reconciliator https://DarylDavis.com

This is MR. OBVIOUS, bringing you the obvious . and the truth

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SCNR by Subverse, Inc.

On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. https://zerohedge.com

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I do political analysis content, philosophical content, content on the media/news, that sort of stuff, over at the main Short Fat Otaku Youtube channel. I generally try to do one a week, but sometimes life gets in the way. I also do let's plays on a separate channel which I've linked to below, but that isn't the focus of my Minds account.

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