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My mission is to spread awareness about the abuse of H1B/H4 visas to import cheaper foreign workers from India to replace American workers in white collar jobs

Hi all! Welcome to my channel! In this channel, I will be going to post all must-go and beautiful places in Vietnam Let share your experiences and moments when travelling Vietnam with me! Cheers!

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Independent artist with a passion for crypto and good times.

- Opinion - Jeremy is a highly successful Indonesian business consultant, with experience in Private Label/Fast Fashion, Real Estate Investment and Development, Social Media Marketing, Asian Political Theory, is a Semi professional Shitposter, Master of the Universe and author of the upcoming best seller "Please Stop Trying to Sell me Your XYZ Product or Service".

Dash Cam Judge All footage is shot in a public area (outside) and so permission is not needed from drivers or anyone in the vids. https://www.DashCamJudge.com

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California, United States
Jun 2019
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