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Checkout out label releases: Music.Art.Ppl is a collective focused on hosting events as well as being a music and poetry label. Our mandate is to encourage artist to share and collaborate with each other. Providing a space where artist's from different backgrounds can come together and create a special experience in a safe environment. Music.Art.Ppl's efforts are equally focused on curating a unique musical and visual experience. Programming each event with a diverse musical selection with elements of live art in its many forms. MAP collective are open to collaborating and encourage people to reach out online or in person at a MAP event. Music.Art.Ppl is also available for hire to provide music, deco, live painting, lighting, visual projection services. Checkout our site for artist features and music: Much Love!
Photographer World of mushrooms group: All my content marked with #myphoto is original. Thank you for tips and everything !!!
Hello! welcome to my channel where we talk about the journey of knowing one's self, thinking for ones self and what the journey of evolving and awakening looks like! I am so excited to connect and meet with you all! I am a mom, a small business owner and an empathic creative individual learning and navigating life on earth at this time. Lets make wonderland!! 💗🙏💗 #letsmakewonderland
Multi media magazine about authentic culture in our world. 100% original in house photos and videos. For those in search of one part information, one part dream and one part solace, States of Splendor has been created to focus on diffferent manifestations of authentic Splendor. Although in the virtual world, States of Splendor is firmly anchored in the real world. Throughout reality, there are amazing examples of Splendor that exist through natural beauty and scenery, as well as through the human work of generations, creating wonders big and small. States of Splendor sometimes focuses on the grand sights and deeds, but most times looks into the small often overlooked phenomena that we come into contact with everyday. In all corners of the world, individuals, businesses, objects, nature and culture often put forth true treasures sometimes veiled in simplicity. We hope the time spent on this online magazine can be entertaining and truly interesting. Feel free to contribute, if you have seen one or another item you would like to share with us. [email protected]
As a visual thinker I love to put thoughts on canvasses.
I'm Thai, interested in nature and philosophy, cat is my pet,...joined since may 2020 . ชายไทย คนบ้านนอกมารับราชการอยู่ในเมืองบางกอก ชอบธรรมชาติและปรัชญา มีแมวแล้ว 1ตัว , In my content there are #philosophy #quotes, #news, #pets, #travel, #myphotos,#art,#mindsTH //:Thank you for visiting,🙏❤️"absolute love minds"
A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.
Real estate agent serving eastern North Carolina. I love God, and feel blessed that I have been saved through faith alone, by grace alone, through Christ Jesus. I want you to join me in a growing relationship with Jesus. Remember, if it wasn't for sinners the church would be empty. Be kind, REMIND, subscribe to my channel, and click the 👍🏼 on things you like!
Jazz pianist, composer, and educator. Exploring jazz music and searching for others that do the same. I also like geeking out with samples, music production, and vinyl records. Interested in philosophy (Buddhism, Stoicism & C.G. Jung), astrophysics, and good sound from Hi-Fi stereo system. I live for long after-hours jam sessions, red wine, and cheese.
Hedgerow Hell Music singer/songwriter
Real Talkin Elephant in the Room
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Dec 2020
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