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Checkout out label releases: Music.Art.Ppl is a collective focused on hosting events as well as being a music and poetry label. Our mandate is to encourage artist to share and collaborate with each other. Providing a space where artist's from different backgrounds can come together and create a special experience in a safe environment. Music.Art.Ppl's efforts are equally focused on curating a unique musical and visual experience. Programming each event with a diverse musical selection with elements of live art in its many forms. MAP collective are open to collaborating and encourage people to reach out online or in person at a MAP event. Music.Art.Ppl is also available for hire to provide music, deco, live painting, lighting, visual projection services. Checkout our site for artist features and music: Much Love!
Real Talkin Elephant in the Room
This channel is dedicated to EDM! Let the good times roll.
Anything nature, crypto beep me
Writer, citizen journalist & video clipper with 12 years of healthcare experience. Freedom isn't free. Tyranny is not possible without compliance.
Parallel account for news on fintech and digital currencies. #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #USDT #Ethereum #Binance #Doge #Shiba #XRP
I started making sleep videos in November 2020. I moved to Florida a few years back and ever since doing, so I've struggled with getting a good consistent night's sleep. So, I started making sleep videos because I couldn't find the sounds I wanted. Eventually I decided to share what I was creating with others, because why not? I was making them and if they were helping me I was sure others would find them beneficial as well. Now I'm releasing a new deep sleep video daily and have over 250 videos available. There is something for everyone and as always, I take requests. So, if there's a sound or combinations of sounds you would like to sleep to, let me know, and I'll see what I can come up with.
Hard Rock Band from Fort Lauderdale
#Virgo queen#. I love baking, cooking and making friends... And yes I'm an introvert.... I love trying out new things .... Most of all I love God and I love people ... Don't forget to like , vote, subscribe and remind..
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Dec 2020
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