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Hello! welcome to my channel where we talk about the journey of knowing one's self, thinking for ones self and what the journey of evolving and awakening looks like! I am so excited to connect and meet with you all! I am a mom, a small business owner and an empathic creative individual learning and navigating life on earth at this time. Lets make wonderland!! 馃挆馃檹馃挆 #letsmakewonderland
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Hi. Welcome to 30 something media. I am a comedian and political commentator who shares his videos, thoughts and opinions with the world. Enjoy my latest cartoons and occasional reviews.

8W8 / Contemplation of nature / Music / Art / Geometry / Spore Mandala Supplier

@www.Johnetta10K.com Self-described/taught Independent, Omnist, Metaphysician plus, avid, INSPIRED Serial student of technology, politics, sales, marketing, financial literacy & Entrepreneur Spirit. I enjoy exploring, observing experimenting on the internet. Infinite Intelligence Information Source #IIIIStpm, #ASiseeit #bigdataworks #IoT AI Minds is the forth (4th) internet creation I've had the pleasure of testing as a self-appointed software tester/analyst. The first was @peoplestring.com. The others will likely come back to my Mind later. Since retiring in 2005 I am obsessed with exploring, experimenting & observing internet traffic. See below some of the websites & pages we created during the course of my journey. At the same time, I developed an increased interest in studying The WORD & sharing discoveries. We expect that one whose meant to get it gets it, either little by little or in an instant.  Computer software & hardware tester, an observer of software development & users.  Solutions.  Self-Love. Self-Education.  I am a writer writing for The Good.  BTW, I now have my first Apple product, so more fun to come. UPDATE: Other sites that aspired to allow creators to get paid were @tsu.com, @squidoo.com (@hubpages.com) & ??? ***Until Wisdom Come As we know hate/racism is learned. The question is 鈥 will it be unlearned鈦夛笍 It was delightful to hear Jane Elliott describe CRT = Curriculum Respecting Truth courageinaction https://youtu.be/_Ks7I1BnP2g Consider yourself warned. Are you proud of this world we're creating for yoUr children & grandchildren? Seriously?!? LovehaveMercy YoUr future GenXYZ Operate from a Source of love rather than the Source of fear. Love in action. Learn to Love in.byDivineOrder

This channel posts the most interesting things to keep this world as interesting as possible.

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Am a motivational speaker. I give advice on how to boost self confidence in other to overcome the challenges and hurdles of life. Am also a lover of arts, nature, cartoons, photography, religion and technology. @whuta subscribes to you.

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

Colorado, United States
Apr 2020
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