Mrs. Murdersmith

♀️ Housewife with kids. Grows stuff, sews things, plays video games, & worries too much. In dire need of a better filter.
Politically blackpilled 🇮🇳 immigrant to 🇨🇦 Alt: @cathgirlrach temporary deactivated on twitter
Artist. Chill Canuck. Egalitarian. Internet Grandma. Tea Addict. 57kg Powerlifter. Working on a story called DIVE. Commissions are CLOSED.
Moderate 2A liberal 👀 the left 🚚 off a fucking cliff, Hur/Dur, Amateur Comic (#P2IByBHL), YTber, Memer
Mother. Wife. Writer. Degenerate. Working-class MILF. Frequently posts NSFW content, so 18+. If you don't wanna see a lot of yaoi, don't follow me. XD Header art is NOT my work. Message me if you want the name of the artist I commissioned for it.
Chonky snek,nero and shuten lover Make sure to have a great time!~
Mom / Wife / Blunt / Catty / Summer-Kitty / Gory Makeup & True Crime Queen / #twitchaffiliate (~‾ ▿ ‾)~ / #i2
👉😎👉 Don of the Spaghetti Mafia 🍝|| 👮Half of Tango & Cash👮|🍑Thiccboi 🍑||👹Demon👹
News Director/Voiceover Artist • I am not a femboy • Suprem-A$$-Ist• Please stop calling me “Postal Femboy” • @TMannu6
19 • nig/nog • eternally horny & rotting in hell, by popular demand
Comedian / Kick Boxing Champion / Sounding Enthusiast / Meth Addict/GG Allin Cosplayer
Jan 2021
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