SoundCloud: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Electronic trio from a working class town in Norway called Fredrikstad. Formerly known as Munn Til Munn Metoden (Mouth To Mouth Method in Norwegian) but to make it less weird they made it to MTMM. MTMM is a project that started back in 2008 by Kristian Torkelsen & Dennis Andersson. Back when they were awkward teens and on Myspace! MTMM signed a deal with the Norwegian based label Sellout Music! in 2009. They started out remixing Norwegian indie bands such as Harrys Gym!, Hiawata!, Casiokids and international acts like Electric Miami and Hidden Cat before releasing their own material. Which they compiled into a free to download EP called Remixes Vol 1. They had a lot of shows in Norway during the time, and at festivals such as Øya Festivalen, By:larm and Hove Festivalen. And were the supporting act for Does It Offend You, Yeah? in Oslo back in 2010. They released their single Avante Electro in 2010 and then Kristian & Dennis decided to part ways shortly after their second EP called EP Vol.1. They went with each their own solo project for 8 years. And after such a long hiatus, they are making music again. Now with a third new member! Members: Kristian Torkelsen Håvard Windingstad Dennis Andersson Contact: [email protected] Remix: [email protected]

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Canadian ❄🇨🇦 Hip Hop Artist 🎶 Philosopher waking minds daily ☯️ We The 9 Music Collective 🔥 Blockchain Enthusiast 💡 Lyricist 🎙️ Soundcloud advocate ☁️ I do free collaborations just message me! 📧 _______________________________ ~~~ Biography ~~~ I'm a hip hop artist with the We The 9 music collective. My main genres are hip hop, R&B, trap, soul, and most urban music sub genres. My style is very lyrically focused and my music is very conscious touching on reality, life, understanding, spirituality, passion, and ambition. I release all my music for free as well as with the option to use paid platforms if you so choose to support me that way! The major point of what I'm doing is showing independent artists you can do what you love for free and still win because the people chose to support not you demanding their money! _______________________________ ~~~ Music Links ~~~ 🎤 Stream my music free on Soundcloud - ⏪ 🎶 Stream and download my music on dSound - ⏪ 🎧 Help me earn a bit and stream me on Spotify - ⏪ 🙏 You can also listen to my music on Reverbnation - _______________________________ ~~~ Feel Free To Support ~~~ ETH: 0xE0d930a0aa8e57e037D749a868ade5682a34e88e BTC: 3MWhAo2pbrKLmhkRGj8WuTo2VzLVeuimTs LTC: MJMYVTL5iL9GvyQJcn7w7uiyUFMuSFDHke _______________________________ ~~~ Supporters ~~~ @scottcbusiness @timmortal @chrisdoogood @larevolutionestenmarche @babeolicious @delastman (Donate 5 or more tokens) _______________________________ ~~ Social Media ~~ _______________________________ ~~~ Tags~~~ #rap #rapper #hiphop #hiphopmusic #rapmusic #rapping #hiphopartist #artist #music #musician #indepedentartist #steemit #toronto #wethe9 #scottychams #canada #canadian

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