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It seems like advertisements of the past were much better thought out and planned compared to what we see in the 21st century. With that being said, this group is designed to present artwork within the advertising genre. Any retro ads from the 19th – 20th century are fair game. Creative without strategy is called “art”. Creative with strategy is called advertising – Jef I. Richards
Post throwback pics of stuff you saw growing up. Anything from 1950 to Early 2000s.
---------------------------------------------------------------- Photos Art —————————————————————— I don't own any content, to the unknown authors. The content that it is not my own. Thank you unknown Authors ! If possible, please credit original artists if you share a material that you have not created yourself. *********************************************************** PLEASE: No inappropriate content. No SPAM. Not yours then credit source. No monetised/token posts. No advertising. No sex.
Taking over Minds with cuties with guns NOTE: If you post things unrelated to the group that have nothing to do with hot women with firearms it will be deleted and you banned from the group.
this is just for friends and anyone else who wants to have a great time. no avatar or banner for now I don't know what to put. Mods: @fefanatic @feistylittlekitty
~~ So much Beauty - So little time ~~ Looking for Gingers (redheads) that shows the lovely #Female form {} in an #Erotic, #Sexy or just plain #Beautiful way. Might also be couples in #Sensual or #Sexual activities. #Naked or non-nude is fine. Some nice painting or drawings of Gingers is fun too. 1) MUST be #Ginger / #Redhead / strawberry blonde or Bottle red. No Brunettes or Blondes. 2) No trans women. 3) ONLY then she should be Beautiful and/or Erotic 4) Please limit your daily postings to 5 per person. Leave room for others. Note: No golden shower type pictures, before you ask this includes scat as well. No trans women . If that is your kink look for or start another Group. **** Remember to use #NSFW and set to #Explicit if your post shows #Nudity or #Sexual content. Thanks for joining and sharing content. Administrator SoMuchBeauty (aka @VincePrime) with help from @ditylinksaggregate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Any content that does not follow the general theme of the group will be removed. If there are multiple posts of off theme content by the same person he / she will be removed from the group. Lots of other pages / groups for almost any kind of content. Go post over there. Thanks everyone
Transformers figures, artwork, memes, and discussion.
Japan food&travel is a wholesome group I created for those who love Japanese food and Japan in general. Oftentimes it is with our minds eye that we visit distant countries and our imagination which feasts upon their most iconic dishes. Post food&travel videos about Japan and related media - including articles, memes, photos etc. No politics :3
Wuhan Virus / Covid-19 related information - now expanded to include the Monkeypox and whatever else they will try to bring on a global dictatorship via health scares #wuhanvirus #covid19 #covid1984 #covidhoax #fascism
Aug 2019
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