This channel will no longer exist. Please Subscribe to my band channel: @PetalsAndThorns to stay connected. My new album is coming out in October 2020: "The Maid And The Blacksmith". I sing, write lyrics and melodies for "Petals And Thorns". Petals And Thorns: Website http://www.petalsandthorns.net________________________________________________________________________******** I DO NOT support (Hate Groups) of any kind, nor any person that represents them. I ask anyone who identifies with such views to refrain from subscribing to me. Any attempt at communication by such persons will result in being blocked and reported to Minds Admin.

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Game B kinda person. 馃槉 ,, ,, ,, .-=-=-=-. ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ ^^ ( `-=-=-=-(@)-=-=-` ) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-`) ^^ ^^ (`-=-=-=-=-`) `-=-=-=-=-`

Promoting the message of peace, prosperity, and property rights since February 11, 2015. Official account of LibertyHangout.org.

I do photography and art. My馃摲 is a ZTE blade a7 prime, I use my photography for the base of my art using manipulation and Photoshop to get the end results. My shop: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/fadedmoon13/ Instagram: fadedmoon13

New to minds. A quadriplegic that try's to live by faith. Interests in any kind of fitness. Photography and outdoors are favorites. I also enjoy making outdoor Gopro videos. My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-JniZNV2L-yxxXsTXJuKlg

Dancing Cosmos is the manifestation for my artistic and spiritual outlet to celebrate the awakening of human consciousness and to break free of the cycle of being a wage slave in the ever increasing domination of the human soul by the corporatocracy ran by a criminal elite class. All art work at (and pretty much any art posted here) http://www.DancingCosmos.com is my own. With Gratitude and Love Justin Fink #art #mindsbusiness #philosophy #poetry #metaphysics

馃搱 Co-Owner and Head Of Trading and Education @Scott Investment Group 馃實Join Traders In Our Free Telegram Group 馃捇 Learn How I Trade 鈫笍@t.me/ScottFXT 馃懁Fellow Me On Facebook & Instagram @Antonioscottfx-ASFX

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