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This is Channel 1 of @jheckle Jane Huckleberry. Things I like; Nature, County Lifestyle, Female Fashion, Beauty, Politics, Right Wing, TRUMP, MAGA, Stop The Steal (democrat voter fraud of 2020 election). Music: Country, Old Classics, Pop, Dance & some Rock & Metal. I'm Naughty & Sassy, I don't like liberal snowflakes, but I laugh at them! I'm not religious, but I was raised a Catholic, I'm partly Atheist/Heathen Right-Wing. I don't mind if your religious and political views aren't the same as mine, but I don't tolerate proselytizing! Are you into more naughty stuff, check out my channel 2 here ; @jheckze Jane's Sexy Collection (18+, NSFW, Adults Only) This 1st page is free of age restriction, because I no longer post adult content on this page!

Girls, Games and Poetry.


I'm a girl who loves anime, manga and art. I also have a bit of a thing for pantyhose and nylon ;) I also collect old gaming consoles and anime figures :)

The Artifice Precept is a cross-state progressive metal outfit consisting of Thomas Spaulding (guitar) in California and Jack DeMaio (guitar, production) in Pennsylvania. We produce heavily orchestrated Deathmetal.

Here's the deal: I post babes and every now and then I put something on blast. I give you my time by posting, you give me your attention on the blasts. Deal? Subscribe. In case you wish to know the names of any of the beauties posted here, in most chromium based browsers simply right-click the image then select "Search Google for Image" or it's equivalent and there you go.

Independent Pharmacist and Computer Engineer

Jun 2017
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