Jane Huckleberry

This is Channel 1 of @jheckle Jane Huckleberry. Things I like; Nature, County Lifestyle, Female Fashion, Beauty, Politics, Right Wing, TRUMP, MAGA, Stop The Steal (democrat voter fraud of 2020 election). Music: Country, Old Classics, Pop, Dance & some Rock & Metal. I'm Naughty & Sassy, I don't like liberal snowflakes, but I laugh at them! I'm not religious, but I was raised a Catholic, I'm partly Atheist/Heathen Right-Wing. I don't mind if your religious and political views aren't the same as mine, but I don't tolerate proselytizing! Are you into more naughty stuff, check out my channel 2 here ; @jheckze Jane's Sexy Collection (18+, NSFW, Adults Only) This 1st page is free of age restriction, because I no longer post adult content on this page!
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