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Watch as I try to not completely trip over my own feet in whatever game I'm currently playing. If you do see me in a game, hope you're on the other team (you're likely safer).
Hi! I am a Charcoal Artist. Warm welcome to my channel. Through my Charcoal sketches, I try to create an emotional connection between my subjects and the viewer either by means of an expression, a thing, a place or a portrait. I use charcoal so I can pare my drawings down to basic elements of light, dark, texture, detail, and composition. Charcoal is the most primitive of media, but its warmth, depth and versatility are tactile and mysterious. The range between Black, which is the absence of all colors and White, which is the presence of all colors is very wide and yet to be explored completely. For creating different textures, I use various tools like stumps, cotton balls, make-up applicators but rarely fingers to prevent them from oiling up. I sometimes use the blending tools with charcoal powder to sketch and use charcoal sticks and pencils only for the finishing touches. Sharp erasers pull charcoal out of the dark areas and soft erasers provide more subtle highlights, although once I’ve marked the paper I can never go back to pure white.
Seasons of Me was established in 2010 by members Camron Scism (vocals/guitar) and Nic McWilliams (bass). With a passion for explaining true life experiences through music, they set out on an endeavor to find like minded musicians. After several personnel changes, the current line up is rock solid which now includes Greg Barrett (drums) and Dana Cox (Guitar). The once dream has become a reality. "We pride ourselves on our grass roots DIY approach to rock music. We earn the respect of our our peers and the hearts of our supporters one show and one fan at a time." Seasons released their first e.p. Transformation in 2012 with the help of producer and engineer Troy Whitson. Performing with such acts as Pop Evil, New Medicine, Eye Empire, 10 years, Super Bob, Hurt, Taproot, and Zach Myers (guitarist of Shinedown) has only further instilled the drive that they have to pursue a career in music. Hard working, inventive, and determined are just a few of the terms that have been used to describe Seasons Of Me. “We work hard everyday for this, but none of it matters without our fans, This is why we strive to meet each and every one we can at every show.” - SOM
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Jun 2020
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