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Character Designer & Animator
Children’s illustrator, wife, mom of boys. Follows Jesus.
I'm a creative guy who got into drawing a while ago All the things I upload are probably going to be my drawings/creations. I still have a long way to learn but at least im pretty happy with how I am right now.^-^ I am accepting Commissions! Check my twitter for more info!!
I'm not very good at these bios thing. Primarily, I'm an illustrator, however, I've gotten into blogging about the regressive left and a good friend suggested I should attempt to do videos and write blogs focusing on the regressive left. And to come here because of the demographics is very open to this. So, here I am. I do have a Twitter and Facebook account, however it's tied to my other name and my other business and I'm trying to separate that from this. So, I'll need to create another Facebook page or something.
I like to obsess and be passionate over stuff like video games, animations, art, writing, wrestling, and nostalgia.
Well I’m a relatively unimportant person but I’ve been told I take good pictures and that I’m a good streamer. so I guess I consider myself an amateur photographer who streams video games on the side
This year I will become a better artist than the great Dillard Draws 😄
I bully sluts. Girl Fetishist. Professional Chad. Not gay.
Composer for Sector Six, Light of The Locked World, Ephemeron & more! Level 34 Bardbarian
INTP Artist Atheist Nihilist Stoic Taoist Thinker Favorite characters: Batman, Doctor Doom, Sherlock Holmes, Jack Reacher
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Apr 2020
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