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Group for people hunting Minds spammers & bots. admins @jaebeeart mods @klara_sjo @StijnFawkes
Greetings citizens. The Hall of Justice is dedicated to the Judge Dredd universe and sentencing justice upon lawbreakers. If you like Judge Dredd movies, art, comics, toys, etc and also have an interest in discussing true crime in character then this group is for you. THE LAW 1. Posts must be on the subject of the Judge Dredd universe in some fashion OR crime. 2. COMMENTS ON POSTS MUST BE IN CHARACTER. If you're unsure of how to do that then go for austere and no-nonsense. 3. Interaction between citizens and officers of the law must remain cordial. Breaches of this law may result in a sentence to the ISO-Cubes. Father of Justice @MegaMouthGames Co-Father of Justice @Judge_Cronos
Frog posting and frens Please don't Fedpost. Non-frens stay away!
A community for pagans, heathens, witches and other spiritual inclined folk worldwide. A place to learn, discuss and debate. No subject within the realm of paganism or spirituality is taboo. All that is asked to keep it civil and polite. Come in, grab some mead, warm yourself by the fire and enjoy your time here with the Greyhorn Pagans. Visit our website for more: www.greyhornpagans.com Listen to our podcast: https://anchor.fm/greyhornpagans Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Greyhornpagans #paganism #tribalism #europeanpaganism #spirituality #greyhornpagans
Welcome to the Canary group for testing new features. Please visit https://www.minds.com/canary to enable/disable
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Apr 2020
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