Banda de Metal Alternativo , basados en la ciudad de Montreal, Canadá We are an Alternative Metal band based out of Montreal, Canada @stuureta - Guitar/songwriter @eclipsingbinary - Guitar/Songwriter @JasonKrueger - Vocals/Songwriter

I love music, especially rock music. I am mainly here to scout out a place of refuge from G+ and Facebook. Music groups that I belong to: Rock Music Music Acoustic Music Pre 60s Music 60s Music 70s Music 80s Music 90s Music 21st Century Music A smile is a curve that sets everything straight and wipes wrinkle away. Hope you share a lots and receive a lots.

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Can we have a lil imagination? Can we have a lil magicak? Can we have a lil humanity around here? I tired more than once to tell you, to communicate what I know. You did not or could not listen. You can not show to anyone what she has not seen. It's time to pull the cosmic trigger... Support ETH: 0x5d3b2efca4b2284870053eef2f3309599bb132b7

Punk Rock Band with a mixture of influences Like Garage Punk, Alternative and pure Rock and Roll

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“A hippie is like a cockroach. So are the beatniks. So are the Chicanos. We’re all around, Judge. And judges do not pick us to serve on Grand Juries” ― Oscar Zeta Acosta, The Revolt of the Cockroach People

Been playing guitar for about 10 years plus, I have been trying to focus on technique for a long time now and am starting to now try write my own music. Still trying to improve day by day.

Re-interpretando clásicos del Rock en Español en versiones Punk Rock Alternativo. Borrego somos @JasonKrueger @Goldo80 @stuureta @eclipsingbinary @victorsep Visita nuestro canal de YouTube

Adicto a la musica, amante de las peliculas de terror y suspenso y enamorado del arte y la creatividad. Soy el cantante de la banda @interfazband metal alternativo en español, con mis hermanos @eclipsingbinary @stuUreta puedes escuchar nuestra musica aqui... Tambien de la banda @borregomtl cover de rock en español al estilo punk-rock. Mira nuestros videos en el canal youtube de la banda. #music #art #horror

Welcome to The Locals Montreal. We promote local rock bands from the city of Montreal (and Canada) with amateur photography and video. If you are an unsigned, independent, local rock band from the city of Montreal (or from Canada) please subscribe, tag us in your content, we want to help :) #TheLocalsMTL #localbands #MontrealBands #CanadianBands

Mostly post non-traditional art - none of it my own. I try to post the name of the artist with each piece. I like alternative, free speech media and try to provide content outside the norm to widen the scope a bit to lure more users away from the social media giants. I generally ignore private messages from anyone I don’t already know pretty well. Public comments should suffice.

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