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I like to draw&design stuff -On this blog- You can expect Creature and Character Art 🐉
Visual Art Researcher
I'm not very good at these bios thing. Primarily, I'm an illustrator, however, I've gotten into blogging about the regressive left and a good friend suggested I should attempt to do videos and write blogs focusing on the regressive left. And to come here because of the demographics is very open to this. So, here I am. I do have a Twitter and Facebook account, however it's tied to my other name and my other business and I'm trying to separate that from this. So, I'll need to create another Facebook page or something.
I'm a freelance illustrator in the TTRPG industry. I love OSR games. Currently writing and illustrating my own Cowboy Western TTRPG.
The End is the Beginning. The Beginning is the End. We are Between Both. and We are Both. We are the Minds that are all intertwined. Woven from Friction of Dark Matter and Matter. The Universe Erupted into Existence. Everything We See is Space Dust Fragments for EVERMORE.
Illustrator, caffeine consumer. Twitter @CodyOwensArt
Hi, I'm Giuliana 🦊🍵 ✺ pattern and print designer ✺ ✺ nature inspired illustrator ✺ ✺ mystically ordinary lady ✺ I create to ease into the God-given world of awe and wonder. Inspired by folk tales, myths, astrology, religion, my love of agriculture, and general good wisdom and common sense, I dream up images for you to get lost in, and maybe found in as well. My main medium is digital art, but anything creative tickles my fancy (especially weaving and ceramics). All artwork I post is original. Please ask to use any images for personal or business purposes. Custom requests are also welcome. Enjoy! /// Visual Arts Critique Room: Writers' Critique Room:
✨Mostly fan art, OCs, and passion projects ✨ everything I post is my own! ✨
A secret place to share your craft, home of the Evening Static. Welcome to the Art Parlor, virtual speakeasy. Password? #SpeakeasySpell. I'll keep a lantern lit for you.
Feb 2021
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