Writer/ artist from Ukraine, creator of Lovecraftian books Welcome to Shipsgrave and Colton Crux. Support me on Patreon
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Artist, Storyteller, Author of The Good Blood webcomic and more to come The Good Blood is a half-serious fantasy webcomic inspired by Slavic folklore and classical hero's journey themes, with a few horror elements here and there. I'm a lover of art from the beautiful to the grotesque. Fascinated with the craft of storytelling, my main goal is to learn it, explore it and tell some memorable stories on the way.
Dancing Cosmos is the manifestation for my artistic and spiritual outlet to celebrate the awakening of human consciousness and to break free of the cycle of being a wage slave in the ever increasing domination of the human soul by the corporatocracy ran by a criminal elite class. All art work at (and pretty much any art posted here) is my own. With Gratitude and Love Justin Fink #art #mindsbusiness #philosophy #poetry #metaphysics
I draw muscular females and use the money to fund shitlords who fight for free speech.
Music is an art form of expression that can change lives. Let's make a difference.
illustration | digital painting Expect mostly cartoony characters and creatures, with occasional gory content. Posting my own work. Reminds/credit appreciated! "I am not so sure whether what we do now is art or something not quite art. If I call it art, it is because I wish to avoid the endless arguments some other name would bring forth." — Allan Kaprow
"When Reality Belongs to Evil, Heroes are Inevitable" #Comics #Indie #IronVerseComics @WikidPublishing ACCT Run by EIC: Cody Fernandez
You may also know me as Kaaven from here and there. Interests: Video games (especially older/indie on PC, rogue-likes and 4x), politics and anything post-apocalyptic (subjects somewhat related). History, animals and memes as well. When in doubt, remember the words of the wise-man: "Democracy is Truth. Communism is Death. Placeholder # 10."
A freelance artist driven to producing a higher form of Fantasy Horror. Learn more about my ongoing creation "Crimson Dames"!
Feb 2019
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