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It seems like advertisements of the past were much better thought out and planned compared to what we see in the 21st century. With that being said, this group is designed to present artwork within the advertising genre. Any retro ads from the 19th โ€“ 20th century are fair game. Creative without strategy is called โ€œartโ€. Creative with strategy is called advertising โ€“ Jef I. Richards
A group for sharing all Ethno-Nationalist propaganda infomedia. No memes, share videos from creators. This group is for sharing content people put their time in and reach more and more people with our message, not to stroke our own egos (if you create content feel free to use this group to share it though). These are the rules: only content as described above; no content that promotes division without any fundamented reason behind it; no subversive content; try to post a short summary at the very least of what the videos you share are about (no lazy posting). The rules may be subject to change if I find them insufficient, if you break any rule before it was added you will receive no punishment, but the content in question may be subject to moderation/removal. Breaking the rules once will subject all your posts to moderation; Breaking the rules twice will earn you a ban for never less than 7 days; Breaking the rules thrice will earn you a perma-ban from this group. Public Admins: Edzhus Forged in Fire
Classic Rock Music by Timeless Musicians. I also like to spotlight the live music scene. I would appreciate any posts.
Admin: @FretzCapo Admin: @rodfather Mod: @Shakara Mod: @GenXpat ๐Ÿ“ฉ PM me if you'd be interested in helping out moderating. ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽท๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŽป๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽง๐ŸŽ™ 60s music and musical artwork is welcome! Please tag posts. Mandatory tags: #Music #60sMusic Optional tags: genre, artist, year Off topic posts and spam will be deleted and repeat offenders will be blocked and removed from the group. No more than 5 posts in a row, please. Blocking an admin is also not permitted so do not do it.
Owner: @FretzCapo -- Admins: @Shakara, @xylenroberts Please tag posts with #Music #00sMusic (or #21stCenturyMusic), artist, year Off topic posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be blocked and removed from the group. No SPAM. Lots of music! Thank you
This group is for anybody here at Minds who wants to talk autism. It isn't just a clique-y group for those who ARE on the autism spectrum themselves or for those who have LOVED ones - children, siblings, spouses etc. - on the autism spectrum. Anyone who truly WANTS to learn more about what autism is and how it affects those living with it is welcome. There are no rules (well, there's ONE..., as a member OF this group you cannot block the creator, that's just bad form ๐Ÿคจ), this is an open - currently unmoderated - group where you can talk/ask about anything and everything autism related, as long as you keep it somewhat CIVIL. You participate at your own discretion - don't talk about things you don't want others to know about. Also, if there's anything written/mentioned in a post or comment that you don't understand for whatever reason, just ASK. Someone will be able to explain it to you. There ARE no stupid questions. Group created: October 19, 2020 Creator: Mrs. @entryreqrd #ActuallyAutistic #LetsTalkAutism #AutismAwareness
Group for people hunting Minds spammers & bots. admins @jaebeeart mods @klara_sjo @StijnFawkes
Listen to THIS while reading the description (it's the Law): https://youtu.be/AdQ3JDLlmPI ๐Ÿ˜ข after @Tay_Tweets_Reborn 's Tragic and Mysterious exile from the Cozy Cafe... He needed access to a Cozy Forum where Elite Scholars in the Sciences and Arts of Cozyiness ๐Ÿธ meet With the help of Swole Doge and Peepo we are currently constructing a Moat to be filled with Choccy Milk There's a Chuck E Cheese in the Courtyard and NO: it doesn't have a Salad Bar Rules: 1. Post must be Frog, Cozy, and/or Ren Faire related 2. Don't promote your shitty podcast here ๐Ÿ˜† (unless it's Frog related) 3. Only post Cozy content (I'm pretty lenient) The Hardest Working and Most Skilled Meme Lords (and Ladies) will be Knighted and sit at the Round Table Round Table Lords (and Ladies): 1. @oree_nabisko (of The Nation of Biscuits) 2. @gregoryalanelliott (of The Leaf Nation) 3. @artcarnage (of The Dominion of FEMA Zone IX) 4. @kalnwi (of Cheesetown) 5. @valtoke (of The Northern Lands) 6. @DREnergy (of The Spooky Shitposting Forrest) 7. @blvckhelicopters (Hell, USA) 8. Lord @rayzor753 (of Cybertron) 9. Reserved 10. Reserved 11. Reserved 12. Reserved 13. (Reserved for Coel ๐Ÿ˜ข if he shitposts some serious froggos) #cozy #cosy #kozy #pepe #kingdom #kekistan #memelord #memes #kozy_kingdom #apu #peepo #castle #medieval #doge #swoledoge
- A group for the sharing of art such as: paintings, sculptures, photography, cinematography, cartoons, clothing/armor, etc... - Please refrain from posting manga or comics strips, individual shots are ok - Post to your heart's content, just try not to spam - We ask that you mention at least the name of the artist of the piece Created by @ghoul777
#Music, posts, blogs, videos and more. Anything Music, #MindsGaming Group Rules: Must be Music related, do not post more than 10 posts a day unless you made the music and haven't shared it before. Music Chat Room: The Music chat room allows general chat and fluid conversations we are working on getting more upload space and inline video links. -- https://chat.minds.com/#/room/#Music:minds.com Community Website: https://mindsgaming.glitch.me/ This Group would like to remain independent to the โ€œsystemโ€ if you report my users in this area follow the terms of service and block and unsubscribe from my that user immediately and leave this area, this area is run by @MindsGaming https://minds.com/p/terms
Frog posting and frens Please don't Fedpost. Non-frens stay away!
In the belly of a whale.
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