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My name is George A. Yesthal I was born in Nov. 1951. The world was a better place then. I have always had liberal views concerning societal issues and over the years have gone from being a liberal (in the anti war 60s and 70s) to a fiscal conservative to a Libertarian and am currently a card carrying Anarcho-voluntarist in favor of micro government and small tribal/city states instead of federation. I’m a cranky old curmudgeon whose patience with the human race is wearing gossamer thin.
Chad alpha-male wojack sigma chungus. Level 14 Necrohampster. #comedy mostly. Usually not safe for woke because comedy goes there. communists will be mocked mercilessly.
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A Fenderhead from Virginia in Biden's America. 38 years old, Weeb, Console Hacker, Gamer, Trump supporter, Asperger's syndrome.
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In the belly of a whale.
Mar 2021
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