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EXHIBIT: #MEDIA is devoted to showing you the methods and tactics used by the mainstream media to alter public perception. Also having fun laughing at their ridiculousness. Check out the channel on Odysee: https://odysee.com/@exhibitmedia:e Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/exhibitmedia/ The media lies to you. We know this. Whether it's the consistent narrative-shaping on the left. Or the constant barrage of foreign forces attempting to alter the public opinion in their favor. The fifth-generational war is real, though it doesn't always come with the bells and whistles of a full-fledged conspiracy. Sometimes nudging the dial slightly is good enough. EXHIBIT: #MEDIA is an exercise in minutia. We care about the facts. We care about the claims. We care about the wording. Co-opting language. Only by putting a magnifying glass on the propaganda being disseminated as news, can we begin to understand. Only by breaking down their own words and making sense of the content within, can we see the truth. And when the arguments seem so ridiculous and their methods so obvious, laughter and ridicule are the methods we undertake. Created by Patrick Witherell: a liberty minded individual interested in open and honest discourse. @pokfactory is my personal page with less politics. More photography, writing, and creative stuff.
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Steven Crowder
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http://louderwithcrowder.com for podcasts articles and videos. Join #MugClub for daily show.

Jordan Peterson
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Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. https://youtube.com/c/jordanpetersonvideos https://jordanbpeterson.com https://jordanbpeterson.com/donate/ https://jordanbpeterson.com/jordan-b-peterson-podcast/

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Possible Comedian. If you are not following me you are not being entertained. Twisted Content poster social media sites beg to have on there platform. Save The Banana Republic! Do Nothing! Trust The Banana Republic Plan! It is all under control as long as your sit on your ass.

A band of Hillsdale College alumni determined to build a new unifying political narrative. Check out our weekly podcast & join in on the discussions.

#LAWOFONE. #MAGA, #QANON, #WWG1WGA, #HAILTOTHECHIEF, GAB: jsmistro, Twotter: jsmistro. Part of the great twotter banishment just after POTUS.

:::::::Her name was Ashli Babbitt::::::: ~~~ My credentials are my actions, So judge them as you see fit. But it's also wise to keep in mind: I may want you to think I'm a nitwit. ~~ We need to begin to reclaim control over the institutions which have such oversized roles in our lives. As you read this people work tirelessly to see to it that you are dumb and docile. Let's stop them. friend of all fellow travelers; enemy of the Globalist American Regime Be sure to check out the PP Guide: https://www.minds.com/professorpopulist/blog/pp-guide-1210628781694119936 Like: Used liberally Remind: I want to show this to others Quote-Remind: Acknowledging posts that instantly spark an idea Building the Next Americans: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1200543357921472512 Join the MAGA Shadow Government: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1195878099818795008 Weaponize Your Wallet: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1196627321194106880 Want to worship or curse me? See you in church: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1196776181933240320 Just cause you're older don't mean you can't be a good digital soldier. Happy to help all elder #maga soldiers who might need a hand with basic tech & privacy. #FightBack #ResistTechnocrats A piece of performance art, if I were real I'd be schizophrenic. But performance art with a purpose may be just what the situation calls for in our Brave New World of Unreality...

The Sensible Sociopath Podcast
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Anti-woke, anti-Marxist comedy. Your new favorite podcast. Livestreams Friday night on Youtube. Site: https://www.thesensiblesociopathpodcast.com Shop: https://www.thesensiblesociopathpodcast.com/shop Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/thesensiblesociopathpodcast Subscribe: https://rumble.com/c/TheSensibleSociopathPodcast


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Just your everyday, average, off the wall eccentric trying to make it through another boring day. YT: The ENSane Report https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeRS0GcPPfVVhaAuIOfAnYQ

I am a Twitter refugee. Being independent and willing to challenge the narrative must make me an enemy of the state

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Jan 2021
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