I'm gonna stop your heart! 🛑❤

Giant robots, cute girls and sometimes R-18 materials. 巨大ロボット、かわいい女の子、そして時々R-18材料

I'm a Happy Banana who loves Yaoi, BL and Bara! ✨ I create BL- and Yaoi-related Content ☕️ Check out my Channel on the BitChutes http://www.bitchute.com/ladyauguste and my Blog on Amino with the great Yaoi Worshippers https://aminoapps.com/c/yaoi-anime-and-manga/home/

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Artist ...Living in rural New Zealand....Mum to 4, Home Schoolers/Life Learners, love to create....sewer/knitter/crocheter/gardening on our Permaculture site.

I like fighting games and animation. Here to talk about nerd stuff in peace

Seb || 18 || Pro Free-Speech || Gamer || Potato Enthusiast || Subscribe to SnicketySlice on Youtube || https://www.youtube.com/c/SnicketySlice

Welcome to the Super Ace Gamer Brand. A channel for backlogging entertainment! I don't just post backlogs of games and call it a day. I post them, review them, and entertain you lovely audience! I do more than just post backlogging and entertain the living hell out of you, but I also do spotlights where I talk and showcase the upcoming games that will be available in the near future, top tens, and many more!

Hello, my name's Ethan but you can call me Gumshoe. I make podcasts, stream on Twitch, and write screenplays. I also do....other things.....I think

Socially-inept plant addict. Part-time bog witch and budding seamstress. I'm here for the lolz and for my friends.

An American who likes action games. You may recognize me from another website.

Jan 2021
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