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I'm a Happy Banana who loves Yaoi, BL and Bara! ✨ I create BL- and Yaoi-related Content ☕️ Check out my Channel on the BitChutes and my Blog on Amino with the great Yaoi Worshippers
location_onBerlin, Germany
man. fuck you. hash tag minds exclusive artist hash tag bitchute exclusive content-man hash tag ronchy "punk rock" style fun. working to make a functioning society that has mosh pits. enjoy your day. mwuah*
Hi! newb game dev and returning artist. Both play SFW and NSFW games. Pet peeve is bad story telling. Likes cute and creepy things . 18+
Just having fun.
Bad artist, trying to be good. 29 years old B-Type woman. trying to thrive and live. feel welcome to subscribe to me if you want my posts in your feed. Suggestions to read: Ikugami: The Ultimate Limit. Attack on Titan. (melodrama is entertaining to me) The Wizard Knight Series by Gene Wolfe.
I used to be a Twitter user like you, then I took an arrow to the knee. Locked down in California. I like 3d art. I play video games. Thanks for visiting!
Was once a Trump-resisting, Democrat-leaning liberal to a Trump-loving, open-minded, Libertarian who advocates absolute free-speech! I'm also a Google Plus and Twitter refugee. I'm a fudanshi who's into yaoi and bl and when I'm not talking about yaoi I'll usually make posts about video games, especially with RPGs like Shining Force or strategy games such as Total War or the Paradox Grand Strategy games. Of course any game will do! Lastly, my dream is to become a creative writer and a creative artist myself! I hope that one day my art will be good enough to expand onto digital art as well as making fictional stories for people to enjoy. So I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. :) I also post NSFW stuff cause I'm a filthy degenerate. lol Pfp is Rei Sagara from Love Stage and Back Stage.
21, Gamer who likes Anime. all images I post belong to the original artists. I could post my own but I am absolutely the worst artist in the world. also Taken by the wonderful @feistylittlekitty
Boogaloo’s the name! amateur artist with caveman brain too many ideas, so little skill....
I'm gonna stop your heart! 🛑❤
Enjoyer of all things fun. Fan of PS2 games/mecha/JRPGs/games on the hardest difficulty Also casual fag, expect some cute hot anime boys from time to time
Berlin, Germany
Nov 2019
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