Angry Patriot that's tired of watching our rights be trampled on.
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Dark Web Admin ***SUBSCRIBE*** *Special Thanks To My Supporters* @Ashy @artgalleryraka @MariOlsdatter @demosai @Davieboy @Airith @Kealoha2u  @ColoradoJ Though we live in a world that dreams of ending that always seems about to give in something that will not acknowledge conclusion insists that we forever begin Brendan Kennelly Irish poet
Indipendant Truth seaker and journalist. I am a conscious, incarnate aspect of the creator of all existence, born into this duality of love and fear! and I recognize you as the same! I choose love and forgiveness OVER fear and hate ! If we each plant a seed the garden will grow again ! love and light !
You Don't Need Any Permit For A God Given Right!
I'll be your tour guide for this evening
Marine(InActive) Christian Married Father of 3 Grandfather of 2 Philosopher, A Seeker Of Truth, Justice and Wisdom Lifetime Patriot Lost Family and Friends to become a MAGA CONVERT in 2020 and I’d do it all over again. I’m also dedicated to EXPOSING The SATANIC GLOBALIST WORLDWIDE AGENDA! [ I DO NOT ARGUE ONLINE 👇❌ ]
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