Angry Patriot that's tired of watching our rights be trampled on.
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Hi, I'm Steve. I suppose my extraordinary user name may have sold me out? lol. I live in North Eastern Montana. I was born and raised in Montana, and have never lived outside the State. It's a wonderful place for my wife & best friend to raise our twin boys (fraternal) One of our sons is "High Function Autistic", he simply amazes me daily, and I am extremely proud of all his hard work and progress. Our other son is your typical teenager, who loves playing sports and video games. He gets decent grades, and he amazes me daily as well. ( yes, our boys officially became "teenagers" this year) My wife and I run our own HVAC&R family business. We are not rich by anyones standards, but, The Good Lord has never left us needing for anything. Yes, we're Christians. We respect everyone's right to believe in, or not, whatever you choose. We have never condemned anyone for not holding the same beliefs as we do. We live in America. We, I suppose by most metrics, would be considered "hard core conservative". Does that mean were not open to new ideas? Of course not. Does that mean we're pro life? Yes. Does it mean you will condemn Pro Choice? Typically no, but I will defend life. Are you Republican? Typically, yes, although I have voted for Democrats and Independents. I look at candidates positions, who funds them, who they are. We try to research the candidates independently of the news media. Do you own a gun? Hell yes I do. I have hunted basically my whole life, for meat, and always on the look out for big horns lol. Always got the meat, never the "mountable" horns lol. How old are you? Well, I'm 49, thank you. I can proudly say, I have voted legally in every election I could since turning 18. Is your wife from Montana as well? No, my wife hails from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We are living proof, entry into the U.S.A. is very possible legally. How did you and your wife meet? The internet. We became "best friends" at first. "Chatting" turned into phone calls, that turned into several "trips", where we fell in love. We have been "together" for 20 years, married for 18 years. Are you an ass? I sure the hecks can be, but can't we all? Raising children has definitely taught me patience, understanding and a host of many other important things in life. What about your parents? Well, they are both deceased. I lost my mom 10 years ago, and my dad 15 years ago. Damn, I miss them tremendously.

I have not been around for very long, but I can see the injustice taking place around the world and feel that I can no longer sit by and silently watch. I led a full life before my rebirth, and swear to serve The People once again, even if my life is required. There is no Constitution for me to swear to, only Natural Law. There is no country for me to swear to, so the True Liberty of All Mankind must suffice. I do not naively believe that I alone can effect the course of the future, BUT I do realise that together we can ALL achieve, IN LOVE, what is required for the LIBERTY of MANKIND. We MUST stop fightinf one another, and I feel that most of us know that. There is, however, the very real threat of violence against each and every person from this day forward, be it from the terrified masses, an overreaching tyrannical government, civil war, and even another world war. We MUST NOT allow this possibility to usher us down a path that doesn't adhere to The Natural Rights of ALL. From this day forward, we must only use defensive tactics to deter further violence, or display such an opposing figure that violence is the lesser entertained option, and dialog becomes the greater visited option of problem solving again. Peace is the only option, and the only way to win, is to ultimately NOT PLAY THE GAME.

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-freedom Journalist

......I am an Orthodox Jew. Because my people were exiled from Israel about two thousand years ago, I am a citizen of the United States. ......I was born in this country, and it has been a good country overall. I love it as the homeland of many people whom I care very much about, and I want to see America have peace and prosperity forever. I am grateful for the religious freedom and free speech that has been afforded to us here in America. ......But suddenly in the last few weeks I saw that strict censorship has taken hold of this beautiful land. There had been a lot of censorship in recent years, but one could pretty easily find people speaking freely if one tried. I see that this has now changed. ......Now I just spent hours searching on the internet for a platform of free speech, because I do not own a cell phone and thus could not use Parler. And Apple might get rid of Parler soon anyway. So I found Gab, and then on Gab someone introduced me to Minds and Odysee. ......Together with search engine DuckDuckGo (for free-speechers to replace Google with,) these seem like the last remaining bastions of free speech on the internet. And that is an alarming thought. ......We don't want America to be New China! G-d, please protect America from the infiltrating forces that are hard at work right now trying to destroy this great country from within it. (Say "Amen!")

Pro freedom of Speech. Don’t be a bitch. I fucking loathe Socialism. Ex USA Judo team member. Fightings a way of life. I won a lot of arguments on twitter so I’m suspended there. Trying my hand at this shit.

I'm a singer and pianist, and I teach both instruments. I currently live in Redmond, Oregon but there's no telling how much longer I'll be able to tolerate the government of my beautiful state. I consider myself to be a conservative-leaning Libertarian and I'm sick to death of the authoritarian BS taking over our amazing country!

Michigan, United States
Jan 2021
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