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We are at a a cross road in our history. We can change our thinking. I believe we can join together and bring peace to our world now! If we choose the path of peace better doors will open for mankind. Our sons and daughters are depending on us to give them a better world than we inherited from our parents. Desiring Peace is not about color, race, religion or creed! Coming together for peaceful solution is the only way to stop our destruction. Supporting each other is the right way when we are truly searching for peaceful answers. Peaceful solutions placed on this site will be amplified by those with love for mankind and this planet! WHEN We have the RIGHT solutions we will act on them! How will you know the solution is right? WHEN all parties win and are treated with love kindness and respect! When the solution benefits the planet and the Commons are protected. What are the Commons? Answer: the air, soil, and water. With out these three being kept healthy we are all doomed! So look at the big picture and see where we are all being attacked and how we can overcome through peaceful means. Look and see how and what is dividing us and choose to do what is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good, does it bring praise, is it virtuous, does it bring a good outcome for both parties! Watch Pray the Devil back to Hell! It is a good place to start!

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Jul 2021
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