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Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

Various musings and contemplation on topics of study and interest. History, Mythology, Astrology, Philosophy, Psychology, Herbal Medicines, Art, Divination, and General Silliness. Telegram Channel: Sun Forge with the Refinery Chat https://t.me/sunforge Odysee Channel: https://odysee.com/@LocalGoddess:9?r=7Ra3XgbZwAkCB5GFA5DUbKCkae3VynFB Regular Appearances on: Weaving Spiders Welcome and Odin's Alchemy Appearances on Common Cents Cult, The Innerverse Podcast, Rising From the Ashes, and False Reality Check

Hello, I am Emma and I am from Los Angeles USA. I am working in a company ( Flatworld Solutions) as Mechanical engineering with 12 years of experience.

I’m a talented cosmetology graduate with a passion for beauty and wellness desires.Developed a beauty brand of products and services for women with a focus on life enrichment.

An exploration of human achievement and depravity. I am free-thinking, and free-range individual. I enjoy the arts, sciences, exposing ignorance, and crucifixion.

Semiprofessional meme (re-) cutter - The Truth will set us free -

I am a traveler into dimensions, sharing my pictures, videos, stories..and cats! Feel free to explore my content and I hope you enjoy. I may like your content and everything you post as long it as you don't like government. I really don't like that.

Mission, Texas, United States
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Nov 2018
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