Just looking for a little free expression! Fisher, Hunter, Outdoorsman, with a few awesome dogs!

31 years old lady with a smile always on her face 😊. I am an hairstylist who loves to travel to new places, meet new people and get to know them more. Relationship: Single, no kids and never married either, hoping to meet a man who wants something serious and meaningful. There’s a lot to know about me…. hopefully I can tell you more about me if you ask…. I am a very simple and open minded lady, so feel free to ask questions about me

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The End of US Chapter 1 The End of US Chapter 2 Home Chapter 3 They are all dead Chapter 4 Second Family Chapter 5 Members of Society Chapter 6 No Sleep No Peace Chapter 7 Squeezed Chapter 8 Rule of Law and Government Chapter 9 Diplomatic Fail Chapter 10 the Fight begins Chapter 11 USNS Henson Chapter 12 Travels to Narva Chapter 13 Attack Updated January 2020 #minds #writing #books #politics If you don't like my posts and want to ignore me please do; if you want me to ignore you just down vote anything and I'll get right on to blocking you and ignoring you.

Oct 2021
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