Age 22 Asian American conservative who loves his country. Fuck liberals I hate them all. liberalism is a mental disorder. All conservatives unite and join me. Criminology and criminal justice major. if you hates liberals you came to the Right channel. Will subscribe back. I’m fighting to turn Arizona red against those libtards. Goals: 1,000 views 10,000 views 100,000 views recruit conservatives
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My name is Kbug💕 I'm married,have kids and grand kids. I love life and enjoy making people laugh in this cruel world we live in. Jesus saved my soul and he is the only way to heaven. I'm a positive person and I try to keep my channel that way. I do not tolerate bullies and I will block them. Minds member since April 2018. Loyal Supporters @iahaak1123p

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Hi! I am posting whatever i find intresting in the context of photography such as, nature pics, abandoned houses,castles,random objects and beautiful places around the whole world that i think everybody should visit once in their life! Have fun & enjoy!💡

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I love you

Arizona, United States
Nov 2020
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