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Bring the truth to you! I Love you all ! Special thanks for rewarding me with tokens: @pckconsult @davemind @davemarx @NatureNerd @girlfawkes @lebru83 @WesternSpirit @Celticking345 @IamFubar @JonW116 @noneothasos Wish you peace, God bless you!

Firstly, I do my own stunts. Socially awkward. Got lyme's disease in the military. Have Bells Palsy and DPDR just to name a few issues. My life is complete hell because I have a fight or flight response that doesn't turn off. I'm basically homeless because of it. I spend a lot of time in the desert. I can't hold down a job. I make music and travel to cope with my life. I drink. Looking for travel companions and beautiful women. When I say beautiful I mean the soul. I'm sick of bullshit materialistic and shallow people.

Age 22 Asian American conservative who loves his country. Fuck liberals I hate them all. liberalism is a mental disorder. All conservatives unite and join me. Criminology and criminal justice major. if you hates liberals you came to the Right channel. Will subscribe back. I’m fighting to turn Arizona red against those libtards. Goals: 1,000 views 10,000 views 100,000 views recruit conservatives

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SagaciousNews features thought-provoking news and information; dedicated to empowering the individual and breaking the spell of the hive mind.

Your Resource For Anti Slavery/Anti Tyranny Music

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Mechanical Engineering Authg ⚙️ !!! I Always Subscribe Back !!! My interests! Basketball🏀 F1 🏎️ Pc and technology 💻

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