A chill dude who lives life as best as he can so peace will always be there but I don't mind a good talk or a good game to play with others.

Artist, VA, author, and Christian who loves to make characters/stories! Currently working on my indie game “Mariposa and the Galaxy Man”—

Read out loud "Alexa open porn-hub" Pronouns - Lets have sex/please fuck me I identify as spaghetti with an above average dick. Age - above 0 less than 100

YouTuber/Twitch Affiliate | 180k+ subscribers | Viking guy | LOTR Master | Geeks+Gamers for Life 🔥 | I'm not perfect, just forgiven ✝️🇺🇸

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26, Male Atheist / Anarcho-Capitalist Free speech & Non-Aggression Principle absolutist. Member of SOX Honesty, empathy, and logic. "Time for a little Rebellion." - Dante, DmC "We speak honestly, though the skies fall and people faint." - Stefan Molyneux Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Network Engineering Associate in Science in Electronic Systems Engineering Computer hobbyist/enthusiast since 1998. Hardcore anime junkie since 1997. YouTube content creator since April 9th, 2008. I used to make shitty AMVs with Movie Maker. Then I made good AMVs with Vegas. Now I make educational videos, occasionally stream, and wax philosophical. I want to get back to AMVs too. Element: Element Community: Twatbird: Twitch: BitChute: YouTube: Rumble coming soon.

Join my server and become a Degenerate like the rest of us! Embrace the lewd inside of you!

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That retard from Twitter you know and love.

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I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

Jan 2021
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