A chill dude who lives life as best as he can so peace will always be there but I don't mind a good talk or a good game to play with others.

Hey! I joined Minds because I felt hypocritical saying I “hated censorship” while continuing to use Twitter. I love talking about anything and everything gaming related. Most of all I’m here to have a good time and hopefully brighten the days of others along the way.

Read out loud "Alexa open porn-hub" Pronouns - Lets have sex/please fuck me I identify as spaghetti with an above average dick. Age - above 0 less than 100

Dumb deaf fornicatress with stupid opinions and bad puns, but divine taste. NSFW or anything 18+ All characters posted are 18 or over

Transwahmen Fren/Paleolibertarian/Ancap/Anti-swede (Eng🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿/Pt🇵🇹/Ns🇳🇴/Dn🇩🇰)

You are trying to cancel me, you won't succeed. Art is free speech, it's freedom of expression. There is no way about it. The defense of porn and art is one and the same. True Asian racial supremacist.

Anime Fan, Gamer, and Artist. I talk about Anime, Video Games, and other Pop Culture Related news.

GS4. A Uniquely In-Depth & Incredible Experience.

Just A Fan Artist and Anime Fanfic Writer who is Fed up with the Media Agenda

I'm an anime fan. This is my shop, hope everyone supports me ^^ many thanks ~

Otaku that likes to post multiple stuff. Feel free to remind any of my posts if you want.

Jan 2021
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