first of all hello my dear family thank you for visiting my channel☺️. i love natural images❤️ I love camping 💚 I love to spend time on this minds page 🥰
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First I am a Christian, and then I am a Conservative. The name "Voice of Free China" refers to the terminated Cold-War era Nationalist China (Taiwan) Radio Channel that broadcasts to Mainland China. This is just the start of every single strike back against the Chicoms! Let us fight for one thing: The right of choice! Also, if you are interested in cars, such as American Muscles and Japanese JDMs, you are welcome to talk to me! BTW, if you have wired me, no matter how much you have had (although, it is your choice and up to you),I will have your name be posted out as a "Thank You!"! 中華民國-美國同盟萬歲! 自由民主正義的中華民國萬歲! 自由中國之聲在台灣台北向您發音! SHOUT OUT TO: @Uncensored007 @SilverWolf8 @raymondsmith98 @Absent_Minded_Intellectual @Aragmar @SleepingDragon Thank You! Special:Thanks: @Sentinus WARNING! ANY MINDS ACCOUNT SUBSCRIBES ME WITH THE INTENTION TO LET ME WATCH THEIR DISGUSTING PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIALS WILL BE BLOCKED IMMEDIATELY!

Life in North East China

Seeker of Truth. Weary of the shit. It's time to speak up and be real. Wordpress: Telegram:

I like travel and natural

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Avid music listener📼 | Cats & Dogs 🐈🐕 | flowers🌼 | rice field 🌾 | scenery 🌅 | nostalgia | Filipina 🇵🇭 “BE WHO YOU ARE & STAY AWESOME 😎” started: October 8, 2019

Vince Talkz & talkz & talkz,......Informative, Funny, Brash!
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Welcome Minds community. Look forward to a diverse stream of edutaining and enlightening commentary and inquiry covering herbalism, organic gardening, homesteading, survival prepping, electric universe theory, forbidden archaeology and history, alternative health, nature, music, science, and frequency, and much much more. This includes much info soon regarding my upcoming book series related to Earth Changes, long term regular cycles of geologic catastrophe, and the future of humanity. Details here at Support this channel by taking home some cool and zanney stuff from my new Teespring Store located here Also check these web sites out at Vince ROCKZ, then shares the pretty things with you! Vince Talkz, and talkz, and talkz, and talkz...... "Don't forget the Z for ZANNEY!"

hi i am new i am waiting for your support ❤️✨

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