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Royal Refining is the leading dental gold and dental scrap buyer in the US and Europe. We are a one-stop solution for selling your dental scraps and get paid more. We are committed to pay for gold, palladium, platinum, and silver. Not only this, but we are also well-known for purchasing precious metals scrap.

Healing with neuroplasticity, living in the present. Art, music, fashion, crafts, design, calm.

Photographer: portraits, landscapes, product photos, Producer of wall pictures Video editing I invite you to cooperation PL/Ruda Śląska If you like my work, you can support me so that I can create even more valuable publications. Just press upvot, but I will also be grateful for all other forms of support: BITCOIN ADRES: 34XuU9zxFxnTX1xrHpGTFY2erHjQCWBC7F LITECOIN ADRES: LSJWpNAfVZ6btkWVJVjwwuCNuZxHhCLYXh ETHERUM ADRES: 0x7108a1873cf191608c63d270afa20fe9585282bf LISK ADRES: 2640670408996808454L

MyArtportal lets you watch the creative minds of the universe with all focus on categories such as Game Development, Graphic / Video Editing, Music. We featured content to give the author support and the community something great to watch. Our Site: Http://

General Idea sharing, pixel art, political opinion, and a severe lack of coordination.

Open minded and curious! Wants to see the world! I live with my girlfriend. We dont got much but we got eachother ❤ We love to help other people, but we need some help ourself to continue do good in this world! Etherium: 0x7C17e34271BFa214374c7bd2f3e3cD80387Ee9b1 PayPal:

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