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What is priority boosting & how does it affect you?

MindsGaming Community Jan 16, 2018, 7:52:29 PM

Minds offers something called priority boosting and it can really help get out your post and in a more timely manner. However it can also crush smaller accounts or 'freeloader' with goals to spread information, have fun, co-mingle and not necessarily make money.

We are going to talk about what it is, how to use it and how to combat priority boost.


A Priority Boost places your content at the very front of the line. This enables you to fulfill the number of views you request much more quickly and react to breaking or live events. Priority Boost rates are USD only and subject to surge pricing. Minimum price is twice regular Boost rates.

How to use it?

Priority boost is easy enough to use, just click boost on your post, select USD, enter the amount of views, and click priority boost before submission. You will see the price jump if you followed the steps correctly.

Boosting screen via Minds.com

How to combat it.

You can do small things to combat priority boosting like interacting, joining community's, using peer-to-peer boosting, posting inside groups, commenting on users posts, and offering rewards for reminds and interactions on your posts.

Or in other terms building your channel without network boosting.

How our community combats priority boosting:

Constant daily promotion of groups and posts, reminding and rewarding for community participation, references and referrals to our community. We make community content videos or mashups of the best content inside groups and give users a full user based resource list to promote content to others.

What can Minds do to combat priority boosting?

Few suggestions for Minds to combat priority boost;

1.) Topic related bootfeed with the boost rotator displaying only priority and the feed only showing non-priority (even just the topic feed without the rotator would help)

2.) Peer-to-peer topic related marketplace for skills & association

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