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Benefits and services of the #MindsGaming Community.

(Community Resources)May 13, 2016, 7:47:13 PM

The #MindsGaming Community provieds its active members in groups and live feed with many benifits!

Activities and active members.

-MindsGaming has  (Community Resources) and contacts to the most active accounts on Minds.com and is supported by the community members on Minds we try to keep up with active members in all our groups by subscribing to them, our subs are all current members of Minds and in at least one of or groups or a virual profile.


-MindsGaming has active popular topics and groups that are run and managed by active members of the community that enjoy and add content to groups, all groups are open to everyone and anyone may post along in the correct topic.


-MindsGaming will help you launch new group ideas that you have created. This is done in the launching area. If another member has already launched a similar group or duplicate that is currently active and popular in the community we will not promote the launch but the group link will always remain in the launching area. You may also launch duplicates in the correct corresponding group, this activity may depend on the current admins of the group not MindsGaming. Once your group reaches activity recommendations we will place your group on our master list.


-MindsGaming is active in the community from bugs and support to welcoming new members as well as active members who "recruite" for MindsGaming groups.


-Unless manually changed anyone subscribed to us sees our posts and reminds from groups, members also get notifications that you have posted to a group they are in. Promos. -You can gain extra points by participating in promos and activity run by us or group admins. Connection.


-MindsGaming trys to remind all posts to all groups that we promote, we do not promote groups that where we are not an admin (Reps) Members may add Reps as and admin at anytime and tag us in the group feed for the group notifications to be turned on and posts to the group reminded to the commuinty feed as long as it meets our launching regulations updated by the community.


-Connect to other members in your area using our directory made by Minds users. you can also search for active members in our community who use our tag #MindsGaming that we incorage all members to freely use and promote.

Live chat avalible @Live_Chat

This is a general layout of the community rules made by the members of MindsGaming and may changed or be updated at anytime by MindsGaming or its community members by posting in our ThinkTank any ideas, or issues.

May 13th 2016

At #MindsGaming Community we offer many services to our members, the owners of our community's groups, and to people who advertise with us.

SERVICES TO:Group Members: Community Promotions, Minds Network Boosted Promotions, Closed Group Promotions, Open Group Promotions

Users: Community Promotions, Closed Group Promotions, Open Group Promotions.

Advertisers: ~ We ONLY promote "People and Planet Friendly" products and services, including Home-Built Promotions, Community Promotions, Minds Network Promotions, Closed  Groups, Open Groups.   <YouTube coming down the road>  

DEFINITIONS:Users: any member of Minds.com who is not in a Group

Group Members: a member of a Group in #MindsGaming

Advertisers: any person who advertises in #MindsGaming, whether or not they are a member of Minds.com or of any group.

Community Rep: a member of our community who is an Owner of one of our Community Groups. To become a Community Rep you must be a group owner or be approved by the majority You can view the current list here ~ (link: http://www.mindsonline.club/mindsgaming-1.html)

Admin: a member of our community who has been promoted to an Admin in an Open Group by a 'Community Rep'. An Admin has the ability to ban members.   

 Group Owners may promote members of their Group.

Community Reps have access to all information provided to and by their Community Group, but NOT including private messages.

FREE SERVICES:  All services of the community are free support the community by sending us points on your favirorite post or donating to the community, or rep. The genreal donation link for the community is



Members that provide Gaming, Art, Music, Photos, and more may get thier donation link published on our coummunity website free.


Just contact the community channel or a community rep!