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Best way to boost!

MindsGaming Community Sep 16, 2018, 5:53:13 PM

 How do you boost?

Boosting is one of the best things Minds offer, you can reach anyone on the network or at least you have the possibility to reach them.


Boosting to the network cost users Tokens, you can simply earn these Tokens or buy Tokens for ETH (1 Token= 1,000 Views) to boost to the network. (as a friendly note Tokens are not worth cash, but can be traded on exchanges. )

You can earn tokens easily by other interacting with your content.

So whats the best way to boost?


I think this is completely based off your content and what you are boosting, are you looking to promote it to anyone or is just say for gamers really?


  • Choosing a good category that syncs with your content may bring in subs faster that are more likely to interact with that content, and appreciate it in general. 

 (This feature will return in the future)

  • Boosting to the network may bring you subs that are interested in everything, or that didn't know they were interested in whatever your posting about.


  • Boosting posts from groups helps also bring new users to the group, after they join will be notified when you post in the group!

Media Boost:

Media can be boosted from two areas, the media page and the post itself on the group or your channel. When you boost from the media page this boost goes to the right hand sidebar of users new-feeds. You can also do this with blogs or images!

News-feed Boost:

When you boost your content from your channel or group post this boost goes to the boostfeed or in other terms is made in to a post add on users news-feeds.


A view is X amount of seconds on a users screen and has nothing to do with interactions, so make sure to make a catchy title and eye catching image :) 


Get involved and post content to topic related groups, find a group relating to the content you are boosting and post it in the group! Just remind it to your feed. Check out our community groups we have a extensive list of open topic related groups. Https://Mindsonline.club/topics


How we boost:


We boost our content and other content from groups, and select the correct category, as well as boost our channel and random things like videos, blogs and images to both the boostfeed and sidebar, usually splitting the total amount of views we are looking for between both boosts. And every once in a while we boost our channel from our bio.


Have fun! Hope it helps