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How #MindsGaming Promotes & Gives Points.

MindsGaming Community Apr 20, 2016, 4:15:09 PM


*This blog is no longer valid, please see an updated version thanks :)

We promote your content! Find Out How!




MindsGaming promotes original content for our members to the Minds network. With a large active members list and group resources reaching a large amount of subscribers and getting noticed couldn’t be easier. Original content (content that the user created) is always boosted for at least the min required by Minds on top of the active community members that view our channel. Gaming post that are original are always boosted above the min. Content that has sparked interest in the group will also be boosted for extra views.

In general you gain more views by posting to groups as you reach members in the group, as well as subs in your newsfeed. You can also remind and make appear on your personal channel.




Make sure to mark your content (Original →or Identify in some way )


We recommend users to tag original content → #MindsGaming & add the topic →      example: #MindTube for upload videos


Let us know you post original content (Art, music, videos, etc)


All original content should be reminded. Meme’s may or may not be boosted original or not.


How Points Work.


Points are gained by the community center in many ways.


The most important thing for the community to do is promote our groups, this is done by members posting original or shared content in our groups and then reminding that post to their personal feed. This shows their subscribers that they are part of the community and its an active group. Please do not share septate posts on main feed and groups, one you are losing views and likes, two the community is losing points.


We also have a website for members to use and see new and growing/promoted groups inside the community or that have given us the required points to do so!


The community then gives out points to group members by having community promos, we also give points to community reps to run promos in groups.


  1. 2,500 points a day for groups to topics everyday (one group a day boosted to topic)

  2. 2,500 points for posts in group topic of the day

  3. 2,000 points for one user in our groups everyday one week out of the month.

  4. Contests/ activities 5,000 - 100,000 points depending on participation.

  5. VIP boosting - 50% boosted back to the network


Veteran members are given less points but may request a boost at anytime for group posts. 

Boost personal post to @MindsGaming for 100 points for a remind to the community or get original content reminded free with our tag #MindsGaming 

Have Fun!

For More Informaton Please Contact A Community Rep. 

Or View http://www.mindsonline.club