Just wanna share interest about nature. "There is pleasure in the path less woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and the music in its roar; I love not Man less, but Nature more."​ Lord Byron
location_onChumphon, Thailand
Cleaning up our roadways, trails, parks and waterways. Many hands make light work. Please join, share, and take action where you are! ✌❤🌍
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Здесь можно постить все, что угодно, если это мем. You may post here everything you want exept things that are not memes!!
This is the place to share nature in its wildest, most raw and/or most amazing/impressive/breathtaking forms, with extra points given for intensity and savagery. Not the place for flower and puppy pics, unless there's something VERY unique and extraordinary about them. Cute or beautiful won't cut it here. Follow TOS. Posts must be relative content or they will be deleted. NO spam. Please, NO memes. Enjoy your time here, see some cool stuff, and maybe even learn something. Most importantly, have fun and relax! Remember, the reason for the chaos in the world is because of society's disconnect from nature. NOTE: Some material here will be graphic. Please mark posts with excessive blood and/or gore as NSFW.
The place to share beautiful paintings.
Warm welcome to our group . Freedom of sharing your Art and Photography. Unlimited Uploading Images. Please name photographer's name if photos aren't your original ones.
SPIRITUAL REFLECTIONS - SELF EMPOWERMENT Quantum allows the memory to expand into all aspects, known and unknown. From stardust we come and shall return but in the meantime, our power, gradually allows us to see through the veil or fabric of this existence. With inner vision, dormant knowledge sits, waiting to be expressed in the physical realm - in a World of ''amplified'' suffering. The WARRIOR in us all can sense this ''unearthly'' distress and our higher purpose is beckoning us to shine with loving kindness - to benefit and relieve the ''tainted'' suffering imposed upon ALL co-existing life Pure love is the frequency that all life responds to and is embodied in its Natural mechanism. For all its beauty and brutality, the Natural order of the Cosmos is our most precious commodity - our fuel - holding all the Magic together. If the field is tainted with impurity, so will it's raw substance... STARDUST - that which we are, and will always be. IT IS FOR US - TO SERVE THE UNIVERSE IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY ~ SHINE and BE LUCKY ~
Chumphon, Thailand
Sep 2019
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