Both a teacher and student of yoga, with an interest in all spiritual disciplines, philosophies and religions. The only way our society can move forward, is if people are free to have open discussions, share ideas and express differing points of view.
Views16.08k Do you want to expand your awareness and develop spiritually? "Matrixxer" is the project of Shiva Suraya and Jonathan Dilas. Who mainly deal with the topic "Exit from the Matrix" and thus offer seekers the opportunity to show the ways to the Matrix and the Leave the reincarnation cycle. The more people awaken, the weaker the side that tries to keep us trapped here. Together we can tear portals into the electromagnetic grid that takes us into the free universe and out of the matrix. We hope that people can unite and thus contribute to the good of mankind. Yours Shiva & Jonathan "The Matrixxer" THIS CHANNEL TOPICS: Interdimensional Traveling Out of body experiences & Lucid Dreams Activation of the pineal gland and decalcification of the pineal gland Activate self-healing Learn the dissociation Leave the matrix True Self vs. Ego UFOs, aliens & natural beings Inner Earth and Hollow Earth Rising Consciousness Awakening to unconditional Love

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Join us in saving a life

Samuel Aniss ✌🏾
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Candace Owens
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Black People Don’t Have to be Democrats. #BLEXIT

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