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Skateboarding, photography, lifestyle and fun all based out of Utah

Hi, I'm Emma. Owner of Artful Goose, bringing art and play together. I'm a London based artist offering private art lessons, art as therapy to mainstream and specialist students. As well as pouring pixie dust and magic into the lives of our next generation of artists, I also do presentations on the advantage of art through therapy and play for all levels of mental illness and terminal illnesses. If you broke me in half, like a stick of rock, I would have artist in bright colours throughout my inners. Welcome to my world xxx Hobby photographer with a passion for birds of prey. With more than 100.000 original photos we want to enchant you. Have fun and enjoy the pictures. I would be very happy about votes and followers. Greetings your Chrissy ♡ (Animal Photographers) (Macro Photographers) #animalphotographers #animalphotography #macrophotographers #marcophotograpy

😈Welcome to The Kitty Cult!🖤 A safe haven where we express ourselves through self love, body positivity, & a manifestation of our buried alter egos. Join the Cult! 💌 [email protected] #artcollective #femmefatale #selflove #vulnerable #vulnerability #aesthetics #soft #relentless #empathy #kitty #thekittycult #creepycute #kawaii #pinkaesthetics #pastelaesthetics #goth #alternativegirls

Citizen. Psychic. Clandestine Motherfucker. Here to learn without censorship. UPVOTE and BOOST please! WIRES are greatly appreciated. REMIND. My content will improve over time. Twitter: #proximalthreat Instagram: @proximalthreat

This is my account on and my goals are to promote my art and share my thoughts and opinions on many matters under the sun without algorithmic bias enforced by advertising organizations. I also want to share Spanish language content to promote the decentralized nature of this platform and to learn from one another. Conservative Presbyterian, Reformed, Libertarian.

Photographer Please Subscribe, Vote, Comment and Remind to see more memes, photos and information content. I would like to thank: @chesscat @LibertyApptivist @GenXpat

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