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I'm at best an annoyance and at worst an influence. Ignore me or suffer the consequences. If you want a reply, you must tag me with @americancheese

I am calling out bad science. There is lots of it: silly PhDs, shoddy methodologies, ridiculous topics of research. Most of that stuff is published in peer reviewed journals. Lots of bad science comes from the SJW community. Apparently, it is not politically correct to speak out about it. Whatever. I post reviews of very peculiar publications.

My name is Greg. I am host of the podcast HEAVY METAL HISTORIAN

Executive, Activist, Content Specialist Views are scenic, my own, and could be yours for the low low price of $19.99

Just want to see America Great Again

trump gal posting her favorite pro trump content

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I'm the Ranting Monkey, I make YouTube videos about things that annoy or amuse me. I don't request nudes and have never sent a dick pic, even my wife doesn't want em. Say hi, I only bite if you're a moron and even then it's just harmless fun. For me. Not for you.

Mother. Writer. Pianist. Non-feminist. Agnostic atheist. Former satirist. Interdisciplinary researcher. Sites: Medium: Ask:

Sep 2016
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