Writer, artist, 3D modeling/sculpting, small business champion, living a passionate, purpose driven life.

I am a designer and sculptor and I have worked in film, advertising, museum display, entertainment crafts and in education. I currently live in Pembrokeshire where I am developing an off grid clay cooker that is a cheaper way to cook food, distil water and dehydrate food using liquid fuels. ---- ------Thanks for your Support------ @Southerndream @Lisha @centristaf @karencommane @JudahKessler Natural Cures: Positive News: Worldwide Awakening:

Imam Tawhidi
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Peace Advocate, Reformist Imam, Ordained Scholar, National Bestselling Author. Current Focus: National Security, Militant Islamism, Countering Anti-Semitism.

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A Collection of the Unexplained, Magickal, Essential, and Esoteric I'm a writer who specializes in poetry, the unexplained, and Pagan Rituals, History, and Artifacts. I love romance, sexiness, and eroticism and I appreciate the beauty found in everything in the world. My latest book is available on Amazon at this link:

trump gal posting her favorite pro trump content

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My channel contains some of my 2D/3D Work, Personal Projects, Movie reviews, random Ideas, retweets and memes Digital 3D Fanartist on Sketchfab Artstion Profile Proud Member of the Warhammer 40k Group Sketchfab Master / Freelance 2D/3D Artist Currently living in the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia Wall of Fame: @Aragmar - @WalrusMallone - @delastman - @ashepherd89 - @unknownsurvivor - @phadreus - @fishman - @universeJapan - @scottcbusiness - @Luculent - @imawesome1260 BREAKING NEWS - LIVE STREAMS INFOWARS: NRA: RT: FOX NEWS: link 2: FOX BUSINESS: CABLE NEWS; FOX-FOX BUSINESS-CNN-MSNBC-CNBC: US LOCAL NEWS: Livestream News Network The largest selection of live local news from across the United States. SKY NEWS: BLOOMBERG FINANCIAL NEWS: STOCK MARKET: CRYPTOCURRENCY: PRECIOUS METAL MARKET: DOCUMENTARY A-Z: ANCIENT ELITES: POLITICAL VIDEO STARS: MARK DICE: PAUL JOSEPH WATSON: NEXT LEVEL: DAVID ICKE: THE WAY OUT OF THE MATRIX: ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM: MICHAEL TSARION: JORDAN MAXWELL: UNDERCOVER VIDEOS: EXPOSING CRIMINAL CORRUPTION IN U.S. INSTITUTIONS:

Pro 1st and 2nd amendments, well pro bill of rights really. Pro individual liberty and responsibility. Pro humor, sarcasm and nice pictures. Ex Navy. Anti group think because no individual is a demographic. Pro USA. It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn good. We have come a long way and will continue to improve. I like to argue. Having to defend my presumed position forces me to examine what I think I believe. It tickles my brain. If you don't want to argue, then don't respond, I will not hound you.

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