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The Crew Of Starshatter: Anit'za ("Nothing is more creative... nor destructive... than a brilliant mind with a purpose.")

ZuvielAug 12, 2020, 7:27:41 PM

I won't pretend I understand the Captain. He is an enigma, we only see the veneer, the facade and only occasionally do we get glimpses into his mind. What does Anit'za truly strife for? What's the endgame here and how can he truly achieve it? What is he afraid of? What does maintaining this image of perfection cost him? Think about it, he maintains his persona even with his crewmates. I am not saying that he is an entirely different person but he has to be "The Captain" first and foremost, and "Anit'za" has to constantly take a back seat. He must never show doubt or give the impression that he is anything less than perfection, the slightest misstep might lead his enemies to think that he is vulnerable, which in turn, assuredly would lead to innocent people dying. That must really take its toll, yet he never complains, never misses a step, he keeps on going forward, on a path that nobody but him can see or understand. That in itself, strangely, makes him a bit of a loner. He is surrounded by the most loyal and capable people he could ask for and yet there is a side of him he can never share with them. No matter how tired or beaten up, the captain will not be deterred from his path.

Something that I truly love about Anit'za is that through him we can see that everything is hanging by a thread. He is cleverly used as a prism. Through him  we can see, however tough, smart and cunning the terrans might be, just how vulnerable they really are. What if he hadn't visited human space? He has single-handedly helped prevent crippling and potentially fatal blows to the Minarchy and the death of thousands. The dzenta'rii  is a real leader. He is at the forefront not because Aragmar wants to shine a light on him but because that's where he is needed. People are not drawn to him because the plot demands it, he earns their respect and trust.

What is curious is that Anit'za is not interested in power. He isn't even doing that thing where he "leads not because he wants to because he must". It's simply....well...fun. He is like a writer of a play. He lays his plans and leaves it to others to execute them while enjoying the spectacle. And he's not enjoying it for the spectacle's sake, he has a stake in what unfolds before him.  The dzenta purposefully tries to get as little credit as possible, tries to involve himself as little as possible. Getting the credit would ruin the play. The actors must be in the main spotlight. A good writer stands by the stage enjoying the fruits of his labor, getting applause when it is absolutely necessary. 

A leader who unites and yet remains alone. A brilliant mind that defies death to find thrill and meaning, Captain Anit'za of House Morat’za is one of the most fascinating characters you will ever meet.

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