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The Crew Of Starshatter: Alice ("Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?")

ZuvielMay 1, 2020, 2:43:31 PM

Artificial intelligences in fiction are a curious thing. I have no problem naming malevolent entities - Skynet, agent Smith, Hal 9000, the list just goes on and on. But when it comes to benevolent ones - not that there aren't examples but not as prolific.

There's simple reason for it. AIs are used as a warped mirror for the author to make cynical observations about humanity. Inevitably statements are made how we are "flawed" and "must be destroyed" (which is ridiculous, if we are flawed doesn't that inherently make are our creations flawed, are they not limited by hardware and programming?). These are lazy statements. Not "thought-provoking", not "deep" - easy and lazy. Anyone can sit in the corner and point out imperfections or flaws(and in doing so avoiding taking any responsibility. Because you see, they pointed the obvious, their job is done). What is far more valuable, and difficult, is to try to look for a way forward, to make things better.

That's what Alice is. An idea. The hope that we can be better. We can do better. And not in that plastic sort of way, used in speeches and said because it is the right thing to say. No, on a personal level, because everyone has to define it for themselves. Alice is not an empty vessel for the message, but by being her own person she carries that message. "Hope" is defined however you define it. And through it, you can differentiate between the well-meaning people and those malicious beings who need someone else to suffer in order to be happy. Try to be a better person, help however you can, have a family, teach your children to be good people. In such "small" ways we all make the the world turn around and we all push forward to a better tomorrow. It is in such things that we can find motivation, it is in simple ideas that people find the strength to do great things. Alice is a confirmation and reassurance  that we are capable of a better tomorrow. She has inherited the greatest values of humanity and is doing whatever it takes to protect them. To protect us. Because we are worth fighting for. She can't not do it, because of what the people of Starshatter have taught her. Support your friends and stand your ground, defend what you believe in - not some dubious concepts that can be turned into a semantic exercise, but simpler ones. Love, family friends. If humanity goes with concepts like these, to build an AI, suddenly the idea is not so scary, is it?

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