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The Crew Of Starshatter: Brynjar ("Stand by your own trial and not by what others say")

ZuvielSep 28, 2019, 6:18:25 PM

I've been meaning to write a bit more in depth about the main characters of the Starshatter books for some time, but I never really got the time. Until now. This will be a series of blogs dedicated to each member of IMS Starshatter. I don't have a time frame as I'll be writing whenever inspiration strikes me but be on the lookout. So....let's start with my favourite character.

I really like Brynjar. As I once said - he is a character complicated in his simplicity. By "simplicity" do not mistake that he has no depth, rather it is hard for people to understand who he is when he has already clearly told them(with his actions mind you, as we know he is no wordsmith). Let me reiterate. Brynjar doesn't care what insults or ridicules are hurled at him, he simply doesn't. And people do not understand that, in their mind that is a front or they think he is playing 4D chess when that is clearly not the case. That scares and confuses malicious people - someone who cannot be manipulated and refuses to play the social game is seen as a threat. He is unpredictable in their eyes, because they cannot put themselves in his shoes, they can't not care what others think of them, they judge and value themselves based on the opinion of others. It is a rare trait, sadly not one that can be learned, you are simply born with it.

I was surprised that Brynjar even existed  because I have never seen that type of character successfully pulled off. Usually writers fall in the trap of making the character emotionally distant and cold, as if they do not care(spoilers: they always do and their small hearts grow three sizes after they learn the true meaning of Christmas). When I say that Brynjar doesn't care, I mean he is from the "not giving a fuck" school of thought. There is a distinct line between not caring about what people say and not caring about people. A line that many don't seem to distinguish. Not caring about others' opinions also hints that Brynjar knows himself very well, his limitations and shortcomings, better than anyone else. Outside of Awesome, he is probably the only other character who truly knows who he is and where he is going.

While he does not care for outsiders, the ones who earn his trust are blessed with Brynjar's unwavering support. Silent and reliable he truly is the backbone of the Starshatter crew. He is one of those people whose mere presence is calming to others. He doesn't have to say anything, there is no need, his friends know he has their back and will support them. Often that is the best remedy for a wounded soul. The silent, calm reassurance that you are in the presence of someone who truly cares about you. After all, do you think it is a coincidence that Lilly and Brynjar become such good friends and she is always hanging out with him?

Even his chosen profession reflects his character. He is a mecha pilot not because he doesn't trust anyone, rather he doesn't want to put anyone else in danger. That is why he has chosen a style of fighting and a machine of war that do not require more than one person. He is the stoic, silent defender of the crew, a silent guardian, a watchful protector. You should feel extremely lucky if you ever come across someone like Brynjar and rejoice if you can call someone like that a friend.

Truly he is a unique character that, while not hard, it certainly is tricky to pull off. That is probably why I haven't met him in literary form until this point. Just another fact to add to the pile that proves the immeasurable talent that Aragmar possesses. And I'm not saying that it's high time we get some Brynjar focused chapters, but I am saying Aragmar should write some Brynjar focused chapters soon.

A character I can really relate to, I truly am a "Brynjar Bro".