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The Crew of Starshatter: Dozan'Re ("I am the Hammer. I am the point of the Spear. I am the Bane of my foes, and the Woes of the treacherous. I am the End.")

ZuvielNov 10, 2019, 7:27:40 PM

It is curious and fascinating that the one person of the crew who inspires, teaches and reminds people about terran values...is an alien. Yes, the kil'ra are allies to humanity but that doesn't make them any less alien. The fact that a one has become a morale officer only serves as proof that the ideals that humanity upholds are universal and resonate with people throughout the galaxy.

What Dozan carries within himself is a powerful statement that not many people have realized. But the author knows it very well. It is that you cannot "give hope". That statement or promise itself is false. If someone promises or claims to "give hope" then they are a liar, let alone a morale officer.

Hope is a flame we all carry. It cannot be given but it can be rekindled. Often it is squashed and we forget we carry it inside us. Then we blindly stumble, desperate to find a savior, someone to give us this flame. We forget how strong we can be. And that nobody but us can fight off the demons that haunt us and crawl out of the muck. Nobody else can fight your battles for you. What they can do is bring the smallest ember and set your soul ablaze . Help you find your strength once more or rather - remind you that you have it. You've always had it but you had simply forgotten. And that fire must always come with anger. The anger that you were willing to give up before failure was certain beyond all doubt. That you weren't willing to fight, to punch, to claw and bite until your final breath. Because that is the greatest betrayal and sin you can commit against yourself.

That is what Dozan has realized and carries within himself. That exhilarating knowledge about the power words can carry. But they are also a burden. Every person is different. Finding the right words to rekindle the flame is difficult and often is the difference between victory and defeat. But the kil'ra gladly accepts this responsibility. Step by step, one word after the other he knows he can be the small spark that starts a fire that cannot be extinguished. What gives him strength is that even if he is to fail and fall, word of his deeds will spread. Small embers flying throughout the cosmos, flying towards countless souls waiting to be set ablaze.

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