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I create content focused on politics, culture and economics. I also write short stories and comics for children based on the game Minecraft under the brand "Funny Comics". I have just started a new comic and short story series intended to promote the values of freedom and western civilization. You can help support my work by checking out these books on Amazon here: Tocqueville YouTube Channel Angry Beaver YouTube Channel Steemit Profile Twitter

English-born Barcelona-based blogger and author. I started out writing about Catalan culture and history and have moved into VLogging World Politics and anti-SJW issues.

My name is Julia Bevan and I'm a romance author. I often give away free stories here so check back often!

This channel focuses on bringing people together through the power of gaming and the upcoming Intellivsion Amico!

A nationalist Canadian always open for debate and criticism

I am a debtor, egalitarian, and comedian. youtube Pimpunkx channel where i frequent his streams: twitter Thanks for your support!

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Capitalism doesn't need socialism to function.

Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.

READ THIS BLOG FIRST! They call me a female Ace Ventura. Creator of motion pictures on Youtube. #slovenia 🇸🇮 For business inquiries: [email protected] Patreon: PayPal: All links and IDs are real, but I am NOT the real Barbara4u2c. I'll post all her videos here, and when she decides to grace us with her presence on minds all she has to do is ask nicely. @Darwyn

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A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Memetics) is an organization of brilliant shitposters and their hirelings dedicated to the acquisition of power and the overthrow of all government by memetic means. 

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Raconteur, bon vivant, boulevardier, Libertarian conservative, NYT bestselling author and star of the new Netflix documentary "Get Me Roger Stone." VISIT:

Mother. Writer. Pianist. Non-feminist. Agnostic atheist. Former satirist. Interdisciplinary researcher. Sites: Medium: Ask:

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